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The Company, having an established network of respected industry peers and past associates, sources  acquisitions and opportunities to acquire both on-market and off-market properties.  The proven abilities of its principal partners to underwrite and clearly analyze real estate opportunities give it a strong position to see all that the market has to offer.  Our track record of seamless, efficient escrows and acquisitions plus the securing of traditional financing necessary to consummate acquisitions on a timely basis will generate confidence on the “sale side” of every transaction.  Finally, our experience in asset/property management provi​des for an accurate approach in the value-add equation of the operation and tenure of the property through its final disposition.


MRC is actively pursuing properties which may be currently listed for sale.  We understand that the brokerage community is our life blood to finding suitable properties.  Our reputation for respecting the brokerage community is unquestioned and we encourage any submittal that fits our general acquisition criteria.


MRC encourages submittals of off-market properties.  We treat each submittal as confidential and will protect the position of the submitting broker.  Quick decisions are possible and discreet underwriting is feasible when necessary.


MRC structures each acquisition as a separate entity.  In most cases this allows the broker to participate in the investment as an equity partner on a pari-passu basis.  Helping the broker build equity in addition to fees is one advantage LWI has in building long-term relationships.


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