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Real estate continues to be a key asset to any well balanced investment strategy and offers tremendous opportunities for capital preservation, cash distribution and capital gain.

Unlike passive investments, real estate requires continuous involvement with day-to-day decisions to grow its value and maintain its competitive edge.  Successful commercial property ownership for the passive investor is best achieved through a professional real estate operating company, as a fiduciary, to deliver: (1) a thorough understanding of market conditions and dynamics, (2) a specific investment strategy for each asset, (3) operating expertise to increase revenue and decrease expenses, (4) hands-on experience with the physical components of the asset, (5) a strategy for the legal and regulatory aspects of every phase of asset management, (6) personal and professional relationships in the commercial real estate community, and (7)  a thorough analysis of risk-adjusted returns by implementing debt financing.

The investment management of investor-based commercial property ownership is provided by Merchant Realty Corporation (“MRC”), a privately held, fully integrated real estate operating company headquartered in Orange County, California.  MRC is engaged in the acquisition, repositioning, management and disposition of income-producing commercial properties in the western United States with a sharp focus on the greater Southern California area.  

Our mission is to deliver safe and consistent financial returns to our shareholders and investors while also providing clear corporate governance and complete financial and operational transparency.  Our every effort revolves around the preservation of investment capital, protection and enhancement of property assets, reasonable distribution of cash flow, and capital appreciation.

The goals and objectives of MRC are in complete alignment with our equity and investment partners, the basis of which is measured by the economic and financial results derived from our operations and stewardship of our real estate portfolios.

We currently enjoy and maintain many long-term relationships.  We stand committed to deliver the best in professional real estate investment management.

COMPANY:  Merchant Realty Corporation (“MRC”) is a fully integrated real estate operating company that provides expertise in the acquisition, repositioning, asset management, and disposition of commercial properties.  MRC’s market knowledge and long-term relationships among the commercial real estate community enables it to anticipate and react to changing market conditions to best position the properties for the benefit of the investors.

OPPORTUNITY:  Invest in commercial real estate in the Western United States through a qualified real estate operating company.  By accessing its long-term relationships and market knowledge, MRC will identify, underwrite, acquire, manage and develop a hold/sell strategy to maximize returns and minimize risk to the investors.  Competitive risk-adjusted returns, preservation of capital, capital gain and long-term relationships are the primary goals of MRC.

GEOGRAPHIC TERRITORY: Western United States, with an emphasis on California.


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