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The two founding partners of MRC have significant experience in commercial real estate. This hands-on, real-life experience is primarily from two disciplines; portfolio ownership and institutional investment brokerage.

Portfolio Ownership: As a principal, acquired, managed and operated a commercial real estate portfolio in partnership with a family office. Starting from scratch, the portfolio grew to 18 properties, including office, industrial, data centers and apartments. The portfolio was comprised of 1,462,408 square feet with a value in today‚Äôs dollars of approximately $250 Million. All properties were profitable and the average IRR over the hold period was 28.55%.

Institutional Brokerage: Exclusively represented some of the most notable domestic and international institutional investors in the sale and acquisition of their major West Coast investment properties with values in the range of $10 -$300 Million. Over 100 transactions with a combined total in excess of $2 Billion. Properties included: office, industrial, retail, and apartments. Sizes ranged from 100,000 square feet up to 4,200,000 square feet. All underwriting, financial analysis, due diligence review and purchase/sale negotiations were conducted by the members.

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